DVD Authoring

Authoring is the creation of the menu structure that enables one to navigate easily through the contents of a DVD. It needs to be done properly, as it’s something that can make or break the viewing experience. We can author both DVD and Blu-ray masters.

DVD Duplication

All duplicating requirements are undertaken, whether you need five copies or 500 copies. Only top-quality disks are used for duplicating. CD’s, DVD’s and Blu-ray disks can all be accommodated.


Full-colour artwork for printing on the disks can be prepared in-house, or your own designs can be incorporated. For printing purposes there is the choice of ordinary matt finish disks, or “Water-Shield” disks, which are more expensive but give a glossy finish and are resistant to smudging. Highly recommended.

In addition, we can meet any requirement for the design, layout and printing of library case sleeves.

USB Duplication

Duplication onto USB flash drives is becoming a preferred method of distribution rather than DVD’s. If you only need to copy 5 or 10 flash drives there is free software available to help you do it, but for any more than that you will probably need a service such as we can provide. We can supply sticks (including sticks with your branding printed on them), but you are welcome to provide your own.

Trimming gramophone records

Trimming gramophone records after stamping 1964