Foley creation is a special branch of post-production that refers to the re-creation in the studio of the sounds made by humans and animals as they move.

Recording foleys – BBC Special Effects Department 1959

We have recorded the foleys on many award-winning wildlife programmes that have been aired on television channels such as National Geographic and Discovery, as well as many feature films and television drama series.

Wherever you are in the world, you can take advantage of the great quality and favourable rates we offer. Just send us a representative sample of your movie in a valid file format via DropBox, WeTransfer or any other file sharing service to and it will be our pleasure to give you a quote.

In the examples below only the recorded foley tracks are present; all other audio such as dialogue, live recorded sound etc. is excluded.

We thank our clients for permission to use extracts from their material.

If it is convenient, please listen to the clips through a reasonable quality reproduction system, in order to pick up the detail we have tried to incorporate.