Corporate Videos

A well-produced corporate video can be a powerful tool for getting a message across, reaping benefits far beyond the cost of producing it.

With regard to cost, every project is unique and has to be assessed independently. However, we will always deliver a professional product at a reasonable price.

Tourism Videos

With tourism, perception is everything. The right pictures, carrying the right atmosphere, are crucial. In a complex industry like this, you'll want to sell more than just the destination itself: you'll want to sell your unique take on it.

So we'll give you a tourism video that accurately reflects:-

Language Versions

You can get extra mileage out of a corporate or tourism video by dubbing it into different languages, very important in South Africa with our 11 official languages. Likewise, if you want a video with international reach, that can be done too.

Please find examples of different language versions here.

Programmes for Television

Frameline has produced documentary and magazine programmes for television on a wide range of subjects, and has also been directly involved in the production and post-production of hundreds more for other producers. Many of the videos featured on this site have appeared on television.



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